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 Naruto Zone Dynasty Rules

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PostSubject: Naruto Zone Dynasty Rules   Naruto Zone Dynasty Rules Icon_minitimeSun Feb 15, 2009 10:48 pm

I. Basic Rules

a. No Spamming. [ SPAM - Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages ]
b. No Flooding.
c. No Advertising Sites outside the Links Section.
d. Follow the Leader's Intruction.
e. No Sharing Passwords and Personal Informations.
f. Stay on the Topic.
g. Do not use any Language except English.
h. No porn, kiss, sex things here allowed.
i. No 1 to two letters or by 1 to 2 words allowed.

II. Category Section
a. Users are only allowed to post at the forum:
○ Comments and Suggestions;
○ Questions

III. Moderations
SU-Special Users

a. If someone is Spamming, PM an Admin or Moderator.
b. If someone is Violating the Rules Report the post immediately.
c. All SU have rights to edit post you made.
d. Only the Webmaster ( me ) is allowed to choose the SU on positions.

IV. Signitures
a. There is a 500 character limit.
b. BBCodes should be used properly.

V. Avatars
a. Only one image can be displayed at a time.
b. Its maximum width is 150 and height 200 pixels.
c. File size cannot be higher than 64 KB.

VI. Warnings
a. Every User could only contain 10 warnings.
b. 5 warnings is equal to 20 day banned.
c. 10 warnings is equal to Permannt Ban.
d. Fighting with other users will give 1 warning.

VII. The Music
a. The music in the footer is the main music of this site.
b. The music in the footer will be changed in the poll made by the Webmaster ( me ) monthly only.
c. The Title of the song this month is " Fighting Dreamers ".
d. This should be used properly.

VIII. The Chatbox
Our Chat Box is Located in the header of the forum and portal.

o To use the Chatbox Look at the upper right corner then press log in.

a. No Flooding the Chat Box.
b. No Spamming.
c. No porn, 53x, kiss allowed.
d. Advertising there is Allowed but no Broken links allowed.
e. No playing Pranks.
f. You can also get banned in the ChatBox.

IX. Registering
a. No making 2 accounts.

This Rules should be followed.

All violations broken will give you a warning

Last edited by Sasuke on Sat Feb 21, 2009 8:04 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Added few Rules)
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Naruto Zone Dynasty Rules
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